Improving retention


Fans of Magnet Gaming slots stick around. Data from some of Denmarks leading casinos show that players, who regularly play Magnet Gaming slots, keep playing for longer than players who regularly play slots developed by other leading game providers.

Over a 12 month period, the retention for Magnet Gaming slots is more than double that of other leading providers. Loyal customers reduce player churn and boosts player lifetime value.

Equal play


A casual approach to gambling motivates a wider audience to play. Data from some of Denmarks leading casinos shows that the mix of men and women playing Magnet Gaming slots regularely is very close to 50/50. Also, Women, who regularely play Magnet Gaming slots, play more than men.

Out of a total userbase with 55% men / 45% women, total sessions played were 51% men, 49% women.

Keeping players playing


Engaging, varied gameplay keeps players playing. Data from some of Denmarks leading casinos show that players spend an average of 110 minutes a day on Magnet Gaming slots.
A major reason for this is the amount of development effort put into the bonus games – players keep playing in anticipation of what will happen on the next win.